Reuse before recycling has been in our DNA since day one with over a million of our iconic GOTS certified organic calico BaoBag handed out to date. We love hearing stories of how the Bao Bags take on new lives as change bags, toy storage, and even underwear. If these were a million polypropylene bags the story would be very different! Reusability and longevity also drives our focus on partnerships with brands making quality items to stand the test of time, handed down rather than needlessly discarded.


If it can’t be re-used then we make sure every item we supply can be recycled. We ensure all our suppliers have effective recycling practices, and we consider end of life options for every product we work with. Our original BaoBag is made from reusable calico, and our shipping cartons are designed to be repurposed. We’re proud to have made recycling practices standard in an industry heavily reliant on polypropylene and single use items.

Considered partner choices

We choose our partners based on how they align with our environmental values. This means we get to actively work with true pioneers, trailblazers and innovators. Brands at the forefront of the organic clothing movement; businesses dedicated to Australian manufacture and businesses developing products with bioplastics and corn starch, printing on FSC and much more.

Transitioning to a circular economy

As part of our ISO certification, Bao&Co is committed to constant improvement in all areas of our certification, continually striving to find wider applications of these principles in our day to day business. We give preference to suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable business practices, our procurement efforts include supplier sustainability checks and we consider end of life options in the design of every product we source.